About Us

About us.

AAKRITI D DREAM DESIGNERS was founded in the year 2009 by a group of four young architects graduated from Lucknow.

AAKRITI D DREAM DESIGNERS is an architectural consultancy firm engaged in the practice of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping and Project Management. It believes in constant innovation, design excellence and focuses on a positive impact on environment.

AAKRITI D DREAM DESIGNERS is the team of enthusiastic, talented, young ARCHITECTS. The firm is running own consultancy office in association with ARCHITECTS WORKSHOP in the field of Architecture, Construction and Interior Designing work. We are actively involved in the first phase of the project the threshing of IDEAS and the development of a sound CONCEPTUAL basis for the project.

With our constantly growing team, we aim at creating edifices that last and establish ourselves as one of the Best Architecture and Interior Design firms in the country.

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